View inside the Stage: World Blues

Hello again. Today we’ll uncover about blues around the world. I stated within my previous article “View Inside the Stage: Small World” that people all over the world love American Music, specifically the blues. I happened this while conntacting some buddies in Denmark. They’d causally mentioned they visited visit a local blues band i scoffed to myself “Blues Band Indeed! – I am from Chicago exactly what do they do know concerning the Blues”. Nonetheless, I visited the bands site plus it was surprised to discover just how good these were. I’m unsure precisely how they spoke British, nonetheless the understood the planet language within the Blues, and hearing them you’d have thought these were born and elevated across the South Side of Chicago. They Rocked!

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I had been watching a nationwide Geographic Special not extended ago Nigeria. Some poor guy was hollowing out a few foot slice of log–for any couple of days obtaining a makeshift tool. While he had perfected this factor, he as well as the buddies rose forty feet in the tree obtaining a couple of feet of rope for connecting there. They with persistence sitting and seriously seriously anxiously waited for any couple of days–for bees to appear. If no bees proven up more than a couple of days they’d scale the tree again, come down, choose a appropriate tree for the bees, and wait once more. He’ll be a honey player. If she’d a cash crop of honey, they can afford a wife. Otherwise, he’d be found waiting within tree for bees.

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This my pals may be the explanation of the blues. Can you really see it? Can you really notice?

My hive ain’t got no honey

Since I Have acquired no queen bee

My hive ain’t got no honey

Empty nest inside the tree

Basically do not get me some honey,

Ain’t no lady gonna marry me.

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