Artist talks about the importance of integrity in music and upcoming projects as new music releases

You’re very honest and open about your music, what does that feel like? In my opinion, honesty in music is very important because music is a personal expression of one’s emotions. Every song you hear from me is part of my thought diary in some way, and sometimes I’m scared to share it with people. But as an artist, I want to show people that weakness can be strength, even if it’s difficult at times.

When asked to Dayystar what do you want people to explain from your music?

All I can say is that people tend to relate to my songs. I will never be able to fully understand what someone other than me is going through. So when I play a song for someone, I know that the song has a different meaning than I thought it meant. I want people to enjoy the feeling of listening to my music, knowing that they can relate it to their lives in some way.

Can you explain the deeper meaning of this song?

Of course, “Heartbreaks & Fairytales” is more than just a catchy pop song. At its core, it’s a meditation on the pain and confusion that comes with the loss of a loved one.

As the singer explained, the lyrics were inspired by his own “Heartbreaks & Fairytales” experiences and the complex emotions that came with them.

This song about explaining about phase of starting love, losing that love, and wanting love back. It’s pretty straightforward. And also the confusion that comes with it.

These emotions are reflected in the sad lyrics of the song itself.

“Heartbreaks & Fairytales” What stands out about “Beat” is its combination of vulnerability and defiance. The song’s protagonist is clearly in a difficult situation, but there’s also a sense of determination, a belief that love is worth fighting for, even if it seems unattainable.

These lines are among her most iconic in the Psychedelic Her Furs catalog and continue to resonate with listeners who have experienced the same heartache and hope.

Perhaps more importantly, Heartbreaks & Fairytales’ beats helped solidify the Psychedelic Furs’ status as an important voice of the era. They helped shape the sound alongside bands like New Order, The Cure, and Depeche Mode, and their music continues to inspire new generations of fans.

And did your hometown give you any inspiration?

I think growing up in Monroe, New Jersey,really helped my music. Monroe is a great place for nature and I especially enjoyed being outside all the time as a child. I loved skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, cliff jumping, scootering, mountain biking, soccer, track and field, diving, rope swinging and many other outdoor activities so I always had something to do. I didn’t play music as a kid, so I think the music you see from me today is the purest form of my musical expression. This is just the beginning for me and only a small part of my capabilities in the future.

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